//Bizweni Primary School: Small Classrooms, Big Benefits!

Bizweni Primary School: Small Classrooms, Big Benefits!

At Bizweni Primary School, we have seen the amazing effects of small classes and individual attention on the growth and development of our students. We don’t doubt that this is the right approach, and neither does the research! Studies done by the Institute of Education Sciences (USA) have shown that reducing the number of children per class is one of the only evidence-based methods proven to:

– Increase learning
– Narrow the ‘achievement gap’ between different ethnic & racial groups

Overall, studies have shown that smaller classes at the Foundation Phase level has the greatest impact. It sees better academic performance, improved attendance and a lasting impact that helps boost both high school and tertiary education success in later years.

The Benefits of Smaller Classes

Stronger Class Cohesion

The fewer children in a class, the better they are able to get to know one another. Stronger, deeper friendships are able to form and tend to last longer. Academic performance is enhanced as children tend to work together more closely.

One-on-one Attention

Probably the biggest benefit: teachers are able to pay each child individual attention. Each child is able to be coached and guided, rather than to be left to struggle in a vacuum.

Personalised Teaching

Teachers form closer relationships with each student, and get to know how best to teach each individual child. Teaching and instruction can be adjusted and tailor-suited, bringing forth the best results.

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Fewer Disruptions

Fewer children, fewer disruptions. Discipline is simply easier when there are fewer children involved. Conflict between children is also less likely if the teacher is able to monitor the class with greater ease.

Less Admin, More Teaching!

The more students in a class, the more admin there is for the teacher to contend with. With less children, admin takes up far less time, leaving more time for instruction! This is one of the main reasons learning is accelerated in these environments – there is simply more time!

Better Learning Environment

Less disruptions and fewer children means that there is less noise and distraction. Children are better able to focus and absorb the material being taught. This is especially beneficial for children with learning difficulties or who struggle to concentrate.

Bizweni Primary School believes in the power of smaller classes to help each child reach their full potential. For this reason, we are committed to upholding the Small Class Standard: no matter how large our school grows, each class will never exceed more than 18 students.

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