//Spring Fever: Top 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

Spring Fever: Top 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

Why is it that so any of us get sick when the season changes? There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings around ‘Springtime Sickness’, but the reality is that this tendency is caused by our behaviour more than anything else.

When we start noticing that the mornings are lighter, and the temperature gets higher, we start to anticipate this great weather in a variety of ways. For one, we tend to venture out more to socialise. Simply put, coming into contact with more people on a more regular basis means greater likelihood of transmitting germs. We also find ourselves compelled to dress for summer even though some days are still freezing cold, despite the sun shining. Your kids are more likely to run around barefoot outside, even if the ground is damp and cold.

Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy in Spring

1. Dress According to the Temperature

Ignore the title of the season. Spring doesn’t always mean it’s warmer, it’s just less predictable (especially here in the Cape). There are hundreds of weather apps out there – do a quick search in the morning to find out what the average temperature looks like, and dress accordingly.

2. Stay Hydrated

A dry nasal passage and throat make it easier for bugs to get into your system. Pack extra water for your child to take to school, and if possible, encourage the habit by starting the day with a glass of water. Some kids are good at keeping themselves hydrated; others need some motivation. If they really can’t handle a lot of water, try diluting juice to ease them into the habit.

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3. Stock up on Vitamins

When the sun is out, some of us start slacking on our health regimes. Pack an orange or naartjies in your kids’ lunch box, or get them to start the day with a CalCVita or Berocca. A healthy diet is also crucial during this time to ensure their immune systems stay strong.

4. Stay at Home if Necessary

If your kid is sick, take a sick day! This applies to social activities as well as school. As much as your child may not want to miss out on that playdate, don’t let them run the risk on infecting someone else’s child.

5. Encourage Hand-Washing

This goes for all seasons, but when germs are rampant, it’s good to refresh your child’s understanding of good hygiene practices. Lead by example, and remind (as a basic guideline) them to wash before and after they play, before meals and after petting animals. Try to discourage your child from touching their face (especially their mouth) too frequently.

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