//Our Sport Heroes: Introducing the Helderberg Academy

Our Sport Heroes: Introducing the Helderberg Academy

At Bizweni Primary School, our aim is to develop the confidence, individuality and leadership potential in each and every child. One of the ways in which we foster the growth of these attributes is through the amazing coaching offered by our Sports facilitators, the Helderberg Academy.

What is the Helderberg Academy?

Helderberg Academy is a registered non-profit organisation that aims to teach life-skills to kids through sports and physical education. The organisation developed in response to identifying a massive lack in the presence of father figures in underprivileged communities. In these areas, fatherless children have been statistically linked to other issues of concern, such as behavioural problems and the tendency to drop out of or infrequently attend school. The organisation seeks to bring stability, security and discipline to kids without fathers.

The Helderberg Academy’s Aims (as per their website):

  • Empower and encourage children’s potential & self-esteem.
  • Help the children build relationships with other children from different cultural and racial backgrounds.
  • Help with physical, mental and social development of the children.
  • Give children an opportunity to play like children and have a break from all responsibilities at home.

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Schools like Bizweni Primary help support the Helderberg Academy by outsourcing our physical education curriculum to them. Once a week, the Helderberg Academy visits our school for a fun-packed hour where they teach our students different sports, athletic techniques and practice ball skills, all while helping the kids step out of their shells and build their self-esteem.

Our coach, Daniel, is lively and energetic and the kids absolutely love him! We can’t recommend this wonderful organisation enough.

If you’d like to help support this incredible organisation, please click here to find out more about how you can help.




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