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Embrace the Season of Giving

What does the Festive Season mean to you? Many of us are lucky enough to have some wonderful associations with this special time of year. If we fall into this category, it’s likely that the realisation that we’re the exception only happened much later in our lives. In a country still marred by massive inequality [...]

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Our First Year, Done & Dusted!

Dear Parents, Teachers & Learners Congratulations on being part of Bizweni Primary School's historic first year! It's almost over and we can scarcely believe it! This has been a truly unforgettable year in many ways. We have seen such amazing things from our hard-working staff; we have experienced incredible support from dedicated parents, and our [...]

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Bizweni Primary School’s First Ever End of Year Award Ceremony

To our incredible learners, parents, teachers and every single person who attended our award ceremony last week – thank you! To all the hands who helped, and to the excited crowd who came to support our school and – most importantly – our amazing students, thank you so much. There was such a sense of [...]

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Bizweni’s Newest Addition: Haven Coffee House

Bizweni Primary School is situated on the beautiful Bizweni Campus, a peaceful oasis in the middle of Somerset West, home to a number of community upliftment projects and organisations. The most recent addition to our campus is a brand-new coffee shop, Haven Coffee House. Haven Coffee House is only a month old, but somehow it’s [...]

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Our Sport Heroes: Introducing the Helderberg Academy

At Bizweni Primary School, our aim is to develop the confidence, individuality and leadership potential in each and every child. One of the ways in which we foster the growth of these attributes is through the amazing coaching offered by our Sports facilitators, the Helderberg Academy. What is the Helderberg Academy? Helderberg Academy is a [...]

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Bizweni Primary School: Enroll in 4 Easy Steps

Bizweni Primary School is in its first year of existence, but we are pleased to say that we are growing steadily. Our Grade R, 1 and 2 classes are almost full for 2017, so if you’re interested in enrolling your child we urge to complete the Application Process sooner rather than later. Step 1 You [...]

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Spring Fever: Top 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

Why is it that so any of us get sick when the season changes? There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings around ‘Springtime Sickness’, but the reality is that this tendency is caused by our behaviour more than anything else. When we start noticing that the mornings are lighter, and the temperature gets higher, [...]

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5 Ways to Encourage Academic Success

1. Let Them Sleep Studies have shown that students achieving higher grades tended to get more sleep than those performing at a lower academic level. In fact, studies showed that as little as 15 minutes extra can make a difference! (Read more in NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children.) 2. Play an Instrument Not all kids [...]

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Bizweni Primary School Open Day!

We are thrilled to announce another opportunity for parents and students to come and visit our growing school. Bizweni Primary School invites those interested to join us for our Winter Open Day this August the 18th. A New Private School Situated in the Heart of Somerset West Bizweni Primary School is a private primary school [...]

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