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5 Ways to Encourage Academic Success

1. Let Them Sleep Studies have shown that students achieving higher grades tended to get more sleep than those performing at a lower academic level. In fact, studies showed that as little as 15 minutes extra can make a difference! (Read more in NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children.) 2. Play an Instrument Not all kids [...]

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Bizweni Primary School Open Day!

We are thrilled to announce another opportunity for parents and students to come and visit our growing school. Bizweni Primary School invites those interested to join us for our Winter Open Day this August the 18th. A New Private School Situated in the Heart of Somerset West Bizweni Primary School is a private primary school [...]

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The Connection Between Home & School Life

Success at School Begins at Home There is no doubt that schooling has changed quite drastically over the last few years, and will certainly continue to do so. Kids are adaptable and tend to handle whatever is thrown at them, but one cannot ignore that a parent’s involvement can make the difference between a child [...]

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Square Eyes: Kids & Screen Time

The issue of screen time is one commonly obsessed over by concerned parents, and has been the focus of many psychological studies in the past decade. A largely referred to guideline made known by the American Pediatrics Society is to discourage screen time for children under the age of 2, and to limit screen time [...]

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Funny Hat Day at Bizweni Primary School

In our Grade 1 Class, we know how to work hard. But sometimes, we need to play hard! Recently our kids enjoyed a Funny Hat Day, where they were each encouraged to come to school wearing the funniest headgear they could get their hands on. Funny Hat day was a great success, and the teachers [...]

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Bizweni Primary School: Small Classrooms, Big Benefits!

At Bizweni Primary School, we have seen the amazing effects of small classes and individual attention on the growth and development of our students. We don't doubt that this is the right approach, and neither does the research! Studies done by the Institute of Education Sciences (USA) have shown that reducing the number of children [...]

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