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Bizweni Primary School is an independent school based in the heart of Somerset West, Western Cape.

From Grade R to Grade 7, we offer a holistic approach to education based on the foundation of a Christian ethos.

Nurturing Environment

Close knit community

A diverse range of inclusive activities and programs

Friendly and supportive staff

Christian Values

A Christian worldview is embedded into all activities both in and out of the classroom

Fun and interactive Bible classes are taught to all grades

Promote individual uniqueness

Celebrate the innate uniqueness of each and every learner

Unlock and develop the distinctive talents and gifts of all our learners

Interactive Education

Use of technology and interactive teaching methods is core to our teaching philosophy

Smaller classes allow for more discussion based learning

Caring & Compassionate Team

Our staff are kind, respectful, courageous, and act with integrity.

We set examples of boldness, bravery and resilience .

We practice grace, integrity, humility, kindness, respect and honesty.

Our Logo

There is so much to be learned from Bizweni Primary School’s choice for the Zebra themed logo.

These stripes are to the zebra as a fingerprint is to a human. They remind us that we are unique and that our differences are to be celebrated.

Zebra’s are known to protect one another from predatory threats by grouping together emphasizing the importance of community.

We believe partnership is crucial for growth and development and that any obstacle can be overcome through teamwork.

The zebra is also known for its sure-footedness which teaches us to be agile and to know where we are going and why.

Vision & Mission

At Bizweni Primary School it is our vision to create an intimate school environment based on Christian values. In doing so, we ensure relationships are central to the way we educate our learners. We strive to form trusting relationships with each of our learners allowing us to teach them, according to their individual needs and learning styles, as well as to nurture their personal interests and talents.

It is our mission to:

  • Encourage critical thinking amongst learners, whilst equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in an ever-changing world.
  • Collaborate with parents and learners to best support each child, bridging the gap between the school and home environment.
  • Establish qualitative and adaptive teaching methods to stimulate academic curiosity and proficiency.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of each learner.
  • Promote teamwork and leadership opportunities to enable our learners to engage meaningfully with their surrounding communities.
  • Cultivate an appreciation and respect for the individuality of those around us.
  • Create opportunities for community upliftment.
  • Nurture a desire for the protection and conservation of the world we live in.