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About Us

Bizweni Primary springs forth from the ever-bustling Bizweni Pre-Primary which started in 1989. Much like its predecessor, Bizweni Primary comes from humble beginnings and is committed to ensuring that quality always comes before quantity. Inspired by the same values, our school is devoted to quality and lasting education that will impact the future of each and every child.

With intimate classroom settings (of no more than 24 learners) we are dedicated to individual attention, bringing out the very best in both teachers and learners alike. Due to a more focused learning environment, we are able to unlock the creativity of each learner, teaching them to harness their abilities and become more confident in themselves.

Our entire approach to education is underlined by strong Christian values, namely faith, hope and love, which we see as integral to the development of holistic learners. If you want to know more about our school, please feel free to contact us any time.

Our Team

Lisa Neethling
Lisa NeethlingPrincipal
Beaulah Sinden
Beaulah SindenOffice Administrator
Malvene Jemanie
Malvene JemanieGr R2 Teacher
Verna Shields
Verna ShieldsGr R Assistant
 Nicole Liddle
Nicole LiddleHead of Foundation Phase
Jessica Coetzee
Jessica CoetzeeGr 2 Teacher
Amanda Saul
Amanda SaulTeaching Assistant
Kayleigh Marshall
Kayleigh MarshallGrade 7
La Cal Williams
La Cal WilliamsTeaching Assistant
Lee-Ann Trollip
Lee-Ann TrollipGrade R1
Liezhel Ferreira
Liezhel FerreiraGrade 2-7 & Aftercare
Nadine Buitendach
Nadine BuitendachGrade 3
Sue-Ellen Solomons
Sue-Ellen SolomonsAdministrator
Nodumo, Elias and Gloria
Nodumo, Elias and GloriaMaintenance & Cleaning

Our Logo

There is much to be learned from Bizweni`s unique logo. Their black and white stripes highlight for us the significance of harmony and balance.

These stripes are to the zebra as a fingerprint is to a human and reminds us that we are unique and that our differences are to be celebrated.

Zebra’s are known to protect one another from predatory threats by grouping together emphasizing the importance of community.

We believe partnership is crucial for growth and development and that any obstacle can be overcome through teamwork.

The zebra is also known for its sure-footedness which teaches us to be agile and to know where we are going and why.

Those with trained instincts and a firm inner resolve will lead the way forward.

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